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What IS microfilm scanning?

Microfilm is generally 16mm or 35mm, and can be held in reel spools or 3M or Kodak cartridges. They are used for archiving or research purposes, and were created by reducing paper documents into image frames.

Microfilm scanning converts microfilm to digital images, such as TIFFs, PDFs, JPEGS, or other file formats. Obviously, you can make unlimited number of copies, have the images indexed, uploaded to systems or the Internet, modify them, etc.

A microfilm scanning company should have the experience and technical know-how (in addition to the low cost) to transfer microfilm frames to images.

Utilizing the latest microfilm scanners, the best microfilm scanning company can convert millions of images in a short amount of time, and when you calculate the numbers, it would cost much less that purchasing microfilm scanners (NextScan, Mekel, Sunrise, Wicks & Wilson) and trying to run them on your own (training, labor, management, hours, etc.). CONTACT US