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Outsource microfilm scanning company

If you have an opportunity to scan 16mm roll film or 35mm microfilm it is very probably that it is cheaper to convert by outsourcing microfilm to a trusted microfilm scanning company.  We can assist you in helping you identify the type of roll film, and which file format would be ideal.  An honest microfilm scanning company will provide you with samples that you can present to your client. If you want to buy microfilm scanning equipment, we can give you expert advice so you can make the best decision. We have the  best scanning prices and microfilm scanning costs, so you can profit from a digital conversion partnership.

Remember, if you are in a microfilm business or are a reseller and are looking to expand your capabilities, we can help you achieve your goals. We will give you wholesale scanning prices so that you can  profit without the risk of investing a huge capital investment into purchasing a new microfilm scanner or the time and money to train labor. CONTACT US