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Scanning Genealogical Microfiche and Microfilm

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You can find information about your family history much easier now that years ago, especially since libraries have 35mm roll film or microfiche containing genealogy records. Many organizations are collecting genealogical information for research reasons. Nonetheless, historical records are difficult to find, since the researcher or hobbyist studies a niche. Original certificates of marriage, divorce, birth, death, and other historical records, may be found in their original paper format. Contact Generation Imaging for all your needs in converting your genealogical records from their original format to an updated digital format.

Most of us like to have more information about our ancestry and to know more about our own history. Building a family tree used to be limited to the information passed down from older relatives. The process of gathering family history information has been very time consuming for most of us. But even with so much effort, the historical information was hard to come by. Nowadays, many organizations are finding ways to provide more information for you and make it easier to research.

At Generation Imaging, we are experts at converting all types of microfilm and microfiche records to digital format, such as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG. Records on aperture cards or paper documents can also be scanned and digitized. Once converted to digital image, we can perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that will allow someone to search for information on the image. A searchable PDF allows individuals to find names and other specific information very fast. We can convert all types of hard copy records to digital format and help you build a digital automated system. Using this method, Genealogical Research Institutions are becoming more efficient that years ago. If you still have concerns about digital conversion of old records, we will gladly assist you.

You can contact us if you have any questions regarding conversion of any type of microfilm or paper document. We can provide all the conversion of the genealogical records in a fast and efficient manner. Old documents that are kept on microfiche or microfilm, or are in paper format, require an expert to carefully and safely digitize the information. Generation Imaging use the best equipment for the job. We have over 30 years of combined experience converting 35mm microfilm, 16mm microfilm, aperture cards, and other documents.

We can help you transfer your historical records from an old system to a state of the art digital system for a small amount of records or for a system with millions of records. CONTACT US