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Convert Student Records on Microfilm, Microfiche, and Paper

convert student records

At Generation Imaging, we have operators with many years of knowledge converting microfilm and microfiche student records. We have knowledge in the digital conversion of many different types of school records.  School student reports may not always be maintained in optimum conditions for a digital conversion to TIFF or PDF. It is for this reason that nothing less than an expert should be entrusted with handling your student records or school records.

Student reports on paper run the risk of quality loss due to deterioration and damage. We have seen that age and handling affect documents to the point of data degradation. Converting these typed of records to digital format or microfilm requires experience. Using the top possible equipment and experienced operators are two imperative components for this process.

Student records are key documents that should be converted by experts only.  Old student account require the best care during the conversion process to reduce the possibility of damage to the originals. Lack of care for the safety of the documents could lead to problems. An operator that has not dealt with converting poor quality student reports, could experience difficulty retaining some of the information during the conversion. In general, information that is legible on an original should be able to be captured during the conversion.

The equipment that is to be used in a document conversion should be correctly maintained and operated. We use top of the line equipment for all our microfilm conversions and paper scanning. Images produced from microfilm student records with our scanners are excellent. Our experienced operators and excellent equipment selection produce the top possible results.

During the numerous years of knowledge converting student reports with microfilm scanners, microfiche scanners, and document scanners, we have been able to perform numerous types of document conversions. For example, student report that are on papers can be converted to microfilm or they can be converted to digital format, and in some cases, clients may have requested the paper documents to be converted to both digital format and microfilm. Student records that are already on microfilm can be converted to digital format straight from the roll film. If you need to convert student records, we can help.

Important school records may also need to be kept confidential. You should feel that your students’ records are going to be safely handled during the document scanning of microfilm conversion process and that they will be returned safely. There is no substitute for assuring the protection of your documents from a company that has performed this task many times for various satisfied customers.

We also know that in many cases, significant account need to be returned quickly. Completing a project efficiently is important to us. A good process flow is significant for assuring that a job is done well. A good scanning service bureau has a well established process and procedures for a conversion process. We will also offer you the most competitive prices in the market. CONTACT US