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Microfilm Conversion

A microfilm conversion is another term for microfilm scanning, roll film scanning, and microfilm digitizing. Using a roll film scanner, 16mm or 35mm roll film is transferred from analog to digital. The scanner must be set up to blow the small frame back up to its original document size. Therefore the scanner operator must know the reduction ratio (similar to aspect ratio). Some scanners have auto-detect reduction ratio parameters, but nothing beats the careful supervision and instincts of an experienced scanner operator.

The other factors that a scanner operator must consider with a roll film conversion are frame detection parameters, quality settings, and output naming conventions. Each element requires a combination of technical skill, experience, and creativity. If the detection settings are not properly configured, the microfilm conversion would result in missing images and cut-off images. If the quality settings are not carefully created, the resulting images may be blurry, out of focus, too dark, too light, plugged, or improperly sized. Finally, incorrect scanner output naming settings will ruin the final product by misnaming the files, putting them out of order, or not meeting the client’s specification.

microfilm scanner

Generation Imaging has the experience, latest technology, and talent to perform any microfilm conversion project that comes our way. No microfilm conversion is too big or too small for us to process. The employees at Generation Imaging have performed thousands of microfilm conversion jobs over the decades, and know the correct way to set up and monitor the scanners. Contact us today for your microfilm conversion quote. CONTACT US