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Microfilm Scanners to Digitize Negatives

The first bible NASA took to the moon is on microfilm. To Digitize Negatives from microfilm, a microfilm scanner can do the trick. The negatives can be anything from the bible to documents or newspapers. If you need to digitize negatives from microfilm, a very important factor is the microfilm scanner used to digitize negatives.

Digitize Negative such as NASA Microfiche Bible

Documents undergo a reduction process in order that they can be stored on microfilm. Sometimes they are reduced 12 or up to 48 times. To digitize negatives from this type of microfilm, there is an enlargement process that requires a reverse enlargement. You can digitize negatives and retain the original characteristics if the microfilm scanner has the capacity required. Some times to digitize negatives that are reduced 48 times, the microfilm scanner used is not adequate for the job.

Cameras now days are digital. But years ago, they all created microfilm negatives. If you need to digitize negatives from old microfilm strips, make sure the scanner can get the job done right or the results may not be optimum. We have digitized negatives of many different types and have gain this understanding from experience. We have also digitize negatives from thousands of microfilm rolls to produce many millions of images over the years. CONTACT US