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Your Microfilm Scanning Company Is Available Today

This is the best time of the year to scan your microfilm. Generation Imaging is the scanning company that provides microfilm scanning services at reduced prices. There are times during the year when we get super busy and our scanning resources are at capacity. If you have been planning to convert you microfilm to digital, our scanning company can make room for your scanning project before the year ends. Our scanning company works around the clock to meet all of our customers needs and we have completed many of our projects. This is an opportunity for you to schedule your microfilm conversion with our scanning company.

Scanning Comapny Solutions

The production manager at our scanning company has about a dozen projects penciled in but no real commitment to start as of now. This can change at a moments time and as always, there is no way to tell what tomorrow will bring. My recommendation is to call and reserve your spot as soon as you can. Topically, our scanning company will get busy near the end of the year. This is due to budgetary reasons]  and customers wanting to use the funding that was allocated for the project within the fiscal year. Our scanning company anticipates this process to start soon.

Our scanning company will guarantee you a priority spot in the production line if you notify us. Our goal is to keep our commitments to you. Therefore, we will not over-commit.  First come works well for our scanning company and makes it fair to our customers also. We do understand that last minute needs are part of the system. Our scanning company has the capacity to adjust to some degree, to meet your last minute need, but is best to schedule with time. CONTACT US