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Types of Microfilm Scanning Services

Microfilm scanning services have many components and options. In addition to straight 16mm and 35mm roll film conversions, microfilm scanning services also include:

Quality control. Generation Imaging practices four phases of quality control: at the scanner operator level, a post-scanning audit, an intense quality control, and a final media check.

Indexing. The sky is the limit when it comes to naming images at Generation Imaging. Using proprietary software designed by Dan Gandul and Damian Hospital, and coded by a programmer who has over 10 years experience in the micrographics industry, your images can be outputted in any format. From breaking rolls by start pages or data entry by names, SSN, drawing numbers, dates, or account numbers, anything is possible. G.I.’s indexing program has multiple modules, including a QC program, which enables the modification of individual images.

OCR (Object Character Recognition). Using propriety OCR software, Generation Imaging can create OCR searchable PDFs, text files, or spreadsheets with the extracted data. Recommended settings: 300 DPI for typed text.

Image processing. From autocropping to duplex image splitting to quality enhancements to changing file formats, a microfilm scanning services company must offer all in one solutions.

Output. CD, DVD, USB stick, USB external drive, FTP, or filesharing are all possibilities.

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If you require microfilm scanning services of any kind, please contact Generation Imaging for an estimate. Information needed: how many reels, their type, how many frames are on a reel on the average, file format, naming, and any optional processes. It’s okay if you don’t have detailed preferences:  Generation Imaging can help you decide which microfilm scanning services are best for you. CONTACT US